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over 11 years ago

Important Info on Green Button Sample Data

Good morning! 11 days to go until submissions are due, and I have some important updates about the PG&E sample datasets, located at

First, as requested, I've uploaded versions that include the zip code for that customer. Actual Green Button data includes the full address, of course, and looks something like this: 123 SAMPLE ST SAMPLE CITY CA 93657, but these samples only have the zip code for privacy reasons.

Second, it has just come to my attention that PG&E Green Button XML files are generated using the Eastern Time Zone. Since all of PG&E's customers are in the Pacfiic Time Zone, Green Button XML interval start data from these users should be adjusted by 10800 seconds to match their local usage time. The Green Button sample data was intended to include a parameter with the GMT offset, and we're looking in to why it is missing. Because this information comes so close to the submission deadline, contact us if this present a problem for your app- we won't penalize apps that assumed Green Button data was generated for the local time zone.

FInally, PG&E has added cost data to their Green Button files! For those of you building apps that incorporate cost information, this is a great opportunity. We don't yet have sample files from PG&E that include cost, but the cost is incorporated in the same manner as the Texas sample Green Button data, so you can use that as a model. I'll send another update once sample darta files that include cost are available. Until then, here is the format of a PG&E Green Button file that includes cost:




    <link href="/v1/User/3142504/UsagePoint/7451577/MeterReading/1/IntervalBlock/1" rel="self">


    <content type="xml">

      <IntervalBlock xmlns="">






















Questions about any of this? Ask a question on the discussion forum, or send us an email at

Thanks! Matthew