KeyLogic Systems, (through its participation in DOE’s “Apps for Energy” Challenge), developed a Green Button application called Kill-Ur-Watts that permits residential customers to view, track, and manage their residential electricity use over time. This application utilizes common industry-based concepts and third-party data to empower residential users to make informed decisions on energy reduction strategies and implement common-sense energy efficiency improvements.

The KeyLogic Kill-Ur-Watts application quickly imports Green Button data and provides the residential user with information about their home's electricity use.

Kill-Ur-Watts allows users to:

  • View hourly, daily, and monthly home energy consumption profiles

  • View yearly energy costs and average residential electrical rate

  • View appliance distributions by major category (i.e., Heating / Cooling, Appliances, Lighting, Electronics, and Other) and compare them to national averages

  • Calculate home energy score (and carbon footprint) compared to national averages for a typical home

  • Understand home activities and appliances that drive consumption and make informed decisions to change behaviors

  • Link to home energy efficiency tools such as ENERGY STAR

  • Use social media outlets to challenge other users to reduce energy consumption

Go to to view detailed information about how to use Kill-Ur-Watts.

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