Wiser EMS

As part of Schneider Electric’s innovative Wiser home management solution, Wiser EMS is a free application for the iPad and iPhone that lets users take advantage of Green Button data and make the most of their energy. As an interactive energy management tool, the application combines the following two powerful features:

Wiser EMS presents Green Button data in an engaging format that goes beyond simple charts and graphs by creating compelling infographics, which give users insight into their energy usage. These Wiser Infographics make energy data beautiful, informative, and entertaining!

Wiser EMS also provides a convenient interface for the Wiser home management solution, which monitors residential energy usage and gives users the ability to control their household devices. This hardware ecosystem includes the Wiser Coordinator, Wiser Smart Thermostats, and Wiser Load Control devices & Smart Plugs.

Wiser EMS provides standalone support for both of these powerful features, but when combined, it allows users to take full control of their home’s energy usage and promotes an understanding of energy consumption and costs in a way that drives conservation. To get started, search “Wiser EMS” on the App Store, follow this link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wiser-ems/id470316647?mt=8 or simply scan the bar code in the images.

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