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Understanding Data Flow

I am curious to know the business process of data flow. Customer meters talk only to utility software/server; utility "sends" data to firms like Tendril ? OR Utilities place data on Green Button. Why cant Utilities simply provide an API to developers (small or large) or consumers who have the skill set to draw data through an API? Idea being API eliminates manual "button click and sign on". Manual process destroys motivation level of those who do not have time to click but would rather like to see data simply appear automatically. Any high-level business process knowledge you could share would be appreciated.

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    The Green Button standard allows for direct 3rd party access to electricity usage data (with user permission), but this raises additional privacy and security concerns for the utilities and their regulators. As a result, only a few utilities are planning on offering Green Button data in this format within the next year. However, I am certain that is the direction that Green Button data access is heading.

    I agree completely with your concerns about the discouraging effect of requiring users to download their usage data and then load it into an app or a service like Green Button Connect. Indeed, part of the purpose of this competition is to incentivize the creation of innovative apps that demonstrate the value and potential impact of this data, which will provide further reason to make this data more easily accessible to users and developers.

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