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request for a real 15 min data for a residential

Sorry for asking many questions. I understand we are waiting for an year worth of 1 hour data and representative address from PGE, but can we also get real 15 minute interval data with a representative address? Because the 15 min data available on DOE developers page doesn't make sense because the kWh usage is assumed to be the same for all days irrespective of outside temperature, which doesn't help us in anyway to better understand the house.

And you must be understanding why I am asking for this. Because 15 minute data will help us even to find the breakfast bump in electricity usage and we could find lots of interesting analysis from there on. Help in this regard is highly appreciated. Thanks!


  • Manager   •   almost 11 years ago

    Actually, PG&E only offers 15 minute interval data for commercial customers, and hourly interval data for residential customers. The usage may be constant across days due to some temperature-insensitive commercial use, but I'll check.

  •   •   almost 11 years ago

    I don't think all the days can be similar all through out the year. The data could definitely have temperature insensitive part, but some part of it would definitely be temperature sensitive too. Thanks for checking up with PG&E. Let us know.

  • Manager   •   almost 11 years ago

    The PG&E folks just confirmed for me that these data are all from actual customers, so the constant kWh represents an actual customer, though not a typical one.

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