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few questions on GreenButtonData duration

I have few questions, listed below, related to real Green Button Data that will be available for download to utility customers:

a. I read from one of the discussions that data would be updated every day from the utilities. But, from how far off in the past would the data be available. I mean if I am staying in a particular house for 5 continuous years from 2007, would I get the data from 2007 - current date?

b. Can we get access to real energy data including costs, instead of load profiles as a representation to residential energy use? It is said on the DOE Developers page that all the data provided is a sample.

- Mithun


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    a. Green Button data offers up to the last 13 months of usage in a single download, so if you've been in a house for 5 years, you would only be able to get usage back to March 2011.

    b. That depends on the utility, and the data available to the customers of that utility will match the sample. So residential PG&E and SDG&E customers get just hourly energy usage, Reliant customers get hourly energy usage and cost, and so forth. See this discussion for some additional ideas on using cost information: http://appsforenergy.challenge.gov/forum_topics/899

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    Thanks for the quick reply, Matthew!

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