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Tendril Connect API for Green Button apps

Tendril Connect APIs offer a powerful and easy interface for Green Button data at We have articles on the Documentation page ( that give an overview of our APIs, authentication, HAN devices, sample users, and the energy industry.

Anyone who has Green Button data can upload their data to Tendril Connect through PG&E has several Green Button data files available on the bottom of the page linked from “PG&E Green Button Sample Data" on

You can then access the stored Green Button data using the Tendril Connect Green Button Download Data API call, documented at You can also submit your app for inclusion in the Tendril Connect App Gallery so that it's easily accessible to everyone with Green Button data. Details for submitting apps are in the Forum under the Community tab, in a post titled "List my app on"

Good luck with Apps for Energy!

Chrysa Caulfield
Tendril Application Developer Program

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    Thank you for creating these pages, they are very helpful.
    Green Button page with parameters and response is nicely done.


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