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Another data source question for a mobile app


Would it be acceptable for an app to connect to a 3rd party site like Tendril to retrieve energy data that way or is this not considered using Green Button data? In other words, is the app be required to use the raw XML or CSV direct from the energy provider or can we import it from a service like Tendril?

Thanks so much!


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    Bob, Matthew:

    A quick note. The data returned from the Tendril API is valid Green Button data per the specification. If you request XML format as a return value, you'll get the same schema you uploaded, with the same data of course.

    One value add is that you can also specify JSON as the format for response data, which is preferred by many developers (and potentially get your app on the Green Button Connect app gallery to boot!).

    Best to you. Any questions, feel free to contact me.


  • Manager   •   almost 11 years ago

    Yes, developers can use APIs like Tendril's Green Button Connect to access Green Button data, rather than directly consuming the XML.

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    Awesome! Thanks Matthew. Looks like we will be submitting an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app.

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