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Green Button Evolution

Dave Mollerstuen here, Chair of the OpenADE and ESPI committees that created the requirements and standards behind Green Button, and (acting) Plenary Secretary for the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP). I'd like to address some of the questions here about the "next generation" of Green Button.

Green Button is really just the first step in the delivery of usage information from the utility to the consumer. Green Button is the one-time download of historical usage information, from the utility directly to the consumer. The standard from which Green Button is derived, the NAESB Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI), allows the secure, customer-controlled delivery of usage information from the utility to a 3rd party on an ongoing basis. While there're many valuable applications that are being built on Green Button, there're many more that will only be enabled by utility and vendor adoption of ESPI.

With the "overnight success" of Green Button (in reality the culmination of three years of requirements and standards work, with a much appreciated, well-timed push from Aneesh Chopra / the Office of Science and Technology Policy / the White House), we're getting a lot more interest in the "next set" of data to make available from the Utility backoffice. Monthly billing information (aka bill presentment) is one possibility, but we've also heard requests for 1) pricing information (subtle -- but real -- difference versus billing); 2) messaging (e.g. communications from Utility to consumer); 3) demand response signals, etc.

These requirements are currently being considered in the OpenADE taskforce, within UCAIug / OpenSG (google / email me for contact info). Additionally, OpenADE is working or collaborating on 1) testing and certification for Green Button / ESPI; and 2) an open-source implementation of the ESPI protocol -- two items which are critical to remove "barriers to adoption" of Green Button / ESPI.

We've had a broad collection of stakeholders (utilities, vendors, regulators, consumer advocates, etc.) that've contributed to the requirements and standards work in OpenADE and ESPI, but can always use additional perspectives (or even just more bodies to share the workload). Contact me -- dmollerstuen (at) alcaeng (dot) com -- if you want to contribute!


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