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12-36 months of sample commercial building data?


Thanks so much for putting on this competition, we are a young company created specifically because of the opportunities Green Button and other energy efficiency initiatives are creating for the private sector. We even named our company, melon, after a quote from Secretary Chu "Energy efficiency is not just low-hanging fruit; it is fruit that is lying on the ground"


My question is around sample data for us to develop our app with. We are really excited about incremental data, but also have some ideas to leverage data over 12 months minimum. We would like to do some remote benchmarking and analytics on the data.

Could you please provide some sample commercial building files that are at least 365 days? This would help us to create our app as a young company without access to extensive green button files from customers.

We look forward to submitting a great web based app!


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    Yes, I should be able to get you some longer-term data. In fact, I've just posted a new set of sample data from PG&E on http://energy.gov/developer-resources. This includes 13 months of Green Button data from a variety of model customers, including heave and light use commercial.

    Additionally, you should keep in mind that you are free to create your own simulated Green Button data for the purposes of demonstrating your application.


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    thanks Matthew, very helpful.

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