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Submission Process

Is it possible to edit the submissions after they are entered?


  • Manager   •   about 11 years ago

    Thanks for the question! No, you cannot edit a submission once it has been entered. However, you can save a submission as a draft and come back to it later. You may also make more than one submission, so if you make a mistake, submit the corrected version and tell us (apps@hq.doe.gov) to delete incorrect submission.


    Edit: Sorry, John, I wasn't correct in the above response. As long as it is before the submission deadline, you WILL be able to edit a submission once it has been made, and the competition administrators will be informed of the change.

  •   •   about 11 years ago

    It is unclear to me if the contest is looking for a fully functioning Software app with a formal interface to "Green Button" data interchange or a ProtoType Model of how an app would be developed. Sample energy data has been provided but thats not a functioning interface with full enduser security.
    A fully functional app would likely cost more to develop than your top prize for each submission.

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    Green Button data in almost all instances will be "bursty" in nature - not a continuous feed. To fit the privacy and security requirements utilities have today, customers must log into the utility site, and download their Green Button data in the xml format. That data can then be uploaded or sent to apps, but the customer has to do it by themselves. There's still a lot of data to be had - Pacific Gas and Electric and San Diego Gas and Electric both allow the customer to download up to 13 months of consumption data, measured every hour. Thats about 15 megs. There ar of course ways to gain more incremental access to the data, but the app has to "collaborate" with the customer.


  • Manager   •   about 11 years ago

    That's an excellent question. We are looking for a functional app, whether for the web, desktop, or mobile device, but we are aware of the time restrictions imposed by this competition and we expect many submissions will essentially be beta or alpha versions. The judging criteria for this competition consider the quality and creativity of the idea and the potential impact on utility customers to be as important as the implementation of the app, so don't give up on a good idea because you aren't sure if it can be fully completed in time.
    See Chris's response in this thread for more info on using Green Button data. If you are looking for an example of a service that can help apps plug in to Green Button data, greenbuttonconnect.com is one option.

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    This is an iterative process. The current status is the Energy Customer initiates a Green Button Request that generates an .xml download of consumer energy usage data. That data then needs to be uploaded to the new Green App for "Analysis".

    What I am envisioning is having my App Front End this process by acting as an agent for the Customer by having the App request the data from the Utility along with other supporting Vendors ie Smart Appliances or Demand Responding HVAC product. There is a convience and timelyness of response concern here. Example if I am interested in planning a trip to Disney World I'll call my travel provider and I'll see in Real Time what flights are avaliable....not wait a few hours or days for a batch file to download. If I am an Energy Customer wanting to see if Time-of-Day rates or a Demand Response program or a ABC...program would be of benefit my Green Button App would likely have the answer... But only with Real Time Utility Data. Usage of SmartPhone apps is on the rise because users want information NOW. Not downloaded later. I personally download many megs of data in real time while researching a topic. Doing a Green Button App would be no different. Lee

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