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Adding to List of Eligible Green Button Companies

Thank you as always for your prompt replies.
I notice you have a list of Green Button companies listed on the links you shared. It would be terrific if you were to add the WattCafe + Others who are interested to the list. Let me know what we need to do to qualify!


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    That list isn't maintained by the Energy Department, but I'll contact the administrators and post their response here.

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    Here are the details from Marty Burns, who administers the list:

    "Basically, if you say that you are committed to developing a Green Button
    application, we will add you to the web site adopters page in the
    committed category. If you want to be so listed, please respond with how
    the listing should look and supply a URL that has Green Button specific
    information on your commitment (not required).

    Here are some questions that will help you determine when you are ready to
    be able to claim an implementation:

    1. Are you implementing GB using the toolkit we released?
    2. Are you a member of OpenADE under the UCAIug (the entities that
    are defining what GB is technically)?
    3. Are you working with one or more utilities to support their GB
    4. Do you have an app presently available or shipping that consumes
    and correctly interprets our sample data sets?
    5. Have you issued a press release announcing support for the GB
    using the standards and compatible with the sample data sets specified to

    Once you answer yes to most of these questions, you are ready to be listed
    as an implementer."
    These requirements seem to be aimed larger organizations and utilities, so you should probably ask how the requirements for smaller app developers are different. He can be reached using info at greenbuttondata.org.

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    Great - thanks. I have sent a query and for the benefit of all, will post the answer here after I find out exactly what these questions mean as well as exceptions for small businesses.

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    I am confused / worried about question 3: isn't GB supposed to be a standard with no individual flavors for different utilities?

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    I think 3 refers to companies like Opower or others that actually provide the Green Button data service on behalf of some utilities (PG&E, for example).

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