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Highlighting Core functionality vs future functionality

Hi Matt,

We are getting really excited for the contest, and have the core functionality of our app working well.

I have a question about how the apps will be judged. We have heard that in some challenge contests video submissions highlight features that are planned but not yet deployed, showing how they WOULD work.

We are now pulling our video together and final Application, and we have a lot of great functionality working right now. We have some additional functionality we would plan to offer in the future, for example conducting additional detailed analysis and expanding building types.

Should our video show these future features, or should it just include the features that work by the contest deadline? Will applications that claim one thing in a video but are not possible when judges test the application be disqualified?

Thank you again for the contest, it has motivated the melon team to develop a great app in a very short turn around time

Best regards,

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  • Manager   •   almost 11 years ago

    Glad to hear that you're excited! Including upcoming features in a video or description is allowed so long as it is clearly indicated that the features are not yet live.

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